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As an advertising agency that has been around for over two decades, we, at Ebani, believe in delighting our customers via offering solutions that pave the way for the rest to follow. Our innate hunger to be innovative and not repetitive defines everyday at work. The projects that you come across here are all initiated at the concept stage to end delivery by Ebani. What we mean by that is Ebani repositioning the requirement that came in from the client and delivered something altogether new...from concept ideation to end execution. We thank each of our clients represented here for the trust and freedom to change to impact.

Parnashala AR / VR

Faith Tourism has always been close to the hearts of many believers, both in India and abroad. Covid-19 has led to the shutting down of many museums and knowledge hubs that have been important assets to the government and our country. We, at Ebani, have a beautiful solution to utilize the cultural and artistic assets of our country in a safe and innovative way – Digital Storytelling! In a world where we are being engulfed by the digital revolution, why don’t we make the most of innovation and technology by using it to tell stories!

Augmented reality, by definition, ‘augments’ the reality that you experience. It enhances the experience. Through AR /VR our aim is to create a one-of-a-kind museum, a learning hub that can reach out to a global audience that comes from different walks of life, making the process of storytelling easily accessible and more engaging. Advanced Augmented Reality software designs today can give you an immersive experience and bring the devotee closer to God, quite literally! Enjoy the feeling of being there, with Rama and Sita, experience the thrill of not just watching, but being a part of the story!


Suchir India - Tales of Greek AR / VR

SuchirIndia is a real estate firm with plotting projects, resorts, apartments and commercial real estate developments. Ebani has worked on a bunch of projects over the past decade. The scope of work includes name recommendations to logo identity, brochure, publication ads, billboards, road median display ads, radio ads, leaflets, site branding, videos, TVCs, real estate event branding, signages, ambient branding and more.

The Tales of Greek is a first of its kind residential project with a unique USP of ‘Work From Home’ convenience provided to cater to the new world scenario. This development offers 2 bed studios and suites along with a ‘Work From Home’ lounge conveniently placed on every alternate floor for residents to use to attend to their work.



We, at Ebani, believe in making the most of innovative technology to improve the wellbeing and safety of our people! So, we decided, why not create an app that can help in the upliftment of young girls from rural areas. We called it the Wanaparthy Samatha App, named after the rural area in Wanaparthy, which is where it all began!

Here’s what the Samatha app achieved
  1. It aimed to detect the prevalence of iron deficiency and IDA in adolescent girls from the Wanaparthy District.
  2. It made the process of collecting data and facts easy. Once this app collects data regarding the anaemic statistics of all the registered students, the health experts can start providing medication and encourage parents to give their children a healthy diet.
  3. The app also helps create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene to encourage girls to continue their education and avoid dropping out of school.
  4. It is an easy-to-use application that also motivates users and provides real time scenarios to make informed decisions that help achieve positive results.

Keeping our citizens safe and health is made easy with the Wanaparthy Samatha App!



The Narmetta app was another one of our innovative pieces that aimed at digitising rural India to help in the process of upliftment and improvement in the village of Narmetta. The aim was to develop the village by improving digital connectivity. Reaching out to the villagers and convincing them to take a step forward and work towards their own upliftment is not as easy as it seems!

We worked with the government and created an app that maps all the citizens and their details. This ensures that all the information that rural stakeholders need is easily accessible and available in one place; you can access data from anywhere in the country and keep tabs on the people as well as the workers, reducing the chances of fraudulent acts and making the process completely transparent.



The Swachha and Swastha Gadwal Campaign (a 6-month long campaign to achieve behavioural change) was part of India’s biggest campaign (Swachh Bharat Movement). By integrating all government departments to participate in the campaign, this movement aimed at spreading awareness and making a change in the lives of the people of Gadwal, especially young girls, by encouraging them to build toilets at home. Our aim was to step up and make this happen using modern technology and digital media to spread this message.

Here’s what we achieved
  1. Digitisation that creates a method of monitoring the workers through an app, adding more transparency and accountability to the process.
  2. Focusing on communicating and bridging the gap between rural India and urban India through positive reinforcement and making Gadwal a model for the rest of our villages.
  3. We were also successful at crowdfunding to build a toilet in a girl’s school, which is a big step towards ensuring that girls continue their education after a certain age.
  4. We held letter writing and painting competitions (topic: convince your parent to build a toilet at home), made 20+ videos that addressed the issue and held door to door campaigns for the same!

We made a significant change by achieving a 64% spike in acceptance in what was known as the worst area in terms of numbers in the country!


Arya Bot

We, at Ebani, believe in the benefits of cutting-edge technology and digitisation. The world has changed, all thanks to technology. But it is accessible to only a select few. Now wouldn’t it be great if we could bring this level of digitization into rural India and use innovative methods to improve the agricultural sector in India?

That’s where Arya comes in :
  1. The Arya Bot, using AI, is the first ever voice bot that can be used in the Indian agriculture sector, bringing fair practices in the traditional ecosystem of warehouse leasing, buying, and selling.
  2. Arya is a voice Bot that can speak many languages. Keeping in mind the language barriers in a country like India, we have ensured that the Bot can learn to translate many regional languages. This also helps plug the literacy gap caused due to the urban and rural divide.

The Arya Bot will make life simpler for you, playing the role of your very own multilingual assistant!



UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) needs no introduction! Providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide, this United Nations agency has had a huge impact on society! We, at Ebani, are proud to have gotten an opportunity to work with UNICEF. Communication is of utmost importance when trying to create a social impact. And we are here to help! We worked on delivering behavioural change content for several social issues that have been preventing our society from developing and growing into a safer, healthier space.

Here are a few projects we were a part of :
  1. Creating education videos for social awareness, especially among the people of rural India.
  2. Making flipbooks and manuals to spread knowledge
  3. Raising funds and organising events for various causes such as nutrition, childcare, and women’s health

American India Foundation (AIF)

Ever wondered how powerful films can be? Since it is one of the most popular forms of storytelling, sending a social message through a movie can do wonders! We created a unique film that aimed to spread awareness about HIV-Aids in India. “A Night for India” is a heart wrenching story of the plight of HIV patients, especially women, in rural areas.

Ebani produced and directed “A Night for India” in collaboration with LEPRA and YRG CARE, India. The narrative of the film, revolving around the life of Pushpalatha, who married young and was HIV positive, has the potential to make a huge impact on society, encouraging people to become more aware. It also focuses on the steps being taken by the Government of India and the health organisations under it to eradicate this illness (this includes antiretroviral therapy and improving the available health facilities in the country, especially in rural areas). The film was viewed by a wide audience in the West (played in the Lincoln Center). The collaboration between APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles), AIF (American India Foundation) and US India Business Council is expected to expand the scope of viewers and their responses, creating a huge impact in the long run!