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AR Technology Features

Bridge the digital and physical worlds with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). while both allow you to take in information and content visually, in the same way you take in the world., AR dramatically expands the ways our devices can help with everyday activities like searching for information, shopping, and expressing yourself while VR is immersive, letting you experience what it's like to go/be anywhere - from experiencing a Formula 1 race right up front, to discovering a fictional world such as in the movie Avatar.

When we talk about Virtual Reality (VR), many of us think of science fiction films like 'Minority Report'. However, the truth is that nowadays, this technology completely blends in with our daily lives. Video games, medicine, education... Virtual Reality is here to stay and we are immersed in it.

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Web AR Technology

In any iOS or Android mobile web browser, our Web AR tracking technology leverages the camera on a smartphone to begin and show Augmented Reality events. Our cloud-hosted content is edge-cached throughout the world for fast content delivery, low page load times, and satisfied users.

Engagement Analytics

A user engagement statistics dashboard is included with each Web AR experience, allowing you to measure views, users, average time on page, and call-to-action button interaction. User location reports and geolocation heatmaps are both provided.

2D and 3D Content

2D Formats Transparent MP4 videos are supported in addition to standard MP4 videos. Animated Motion Graphics 360° Immersive Video 3D Formats Static and animated models are both supported. Photogrammetry Matterport Room Scans

Call-To-Action Buttons

The opportunities for participation are endless. Our CTA buttons can send pre-written emails, make phone calls, browse to webpages, send SMS messages, collect contact information, and share social network postings, among other things.


Users may connect with your brand in previously unthinkable ways thanks to our technology. Scavenger hunts, ball-toss games, 3D puzzles, remote-controlled characters, AR board games... the list goes on. Use our Web AR games to engage and delight your consumers in a seamless manner.

Image Target Tracking

Content may be added to flat or curved graphics such as business cards, billboards, floor decals, product packaging, bottles, and cans using our tracking framework. AR markers may be made out of any graphic or picture. The majority of current visuals are compatible with Web-AR, and QR codes aren't necessary!

Location-Based Content

Enhance unique material based on the user's location. Show dynamic material based on the location of an advertising, or geo-fence content to encourage shop visits. Use Web AR navigation to get people where they need to go. Use location-based AR to assist customers in finding the reality they want.

Realtime Content Swaps

Things have to alter from time to time. You may easily change the content of your augmented reality experience at any moment, even after it has been deployed. With no downtime or user update authorization required, reuse previously printed materials for several campaigns or change your video to demonstrate a new concept.

Augmented Reality Videos

Completed Projects


The New Parnashala Experience! Culture is deeply rooted in history and mythology. Religious beliefs have unique stories behind them. Think about the Vatican, or perhaps the story of Jerusalem. If you explore narratives closer to home, look at Kedarnath, or Tirupati down south. Each place has its own story. While the tales of mischievous little Krishna delight people all over the world, Stories of Goddess Durga speak of strength and bravery. India, known for its rich culture and heritage, is also home to endless narratives and folk tales.

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Suchir India - Tales of Greek

SuchirIndia is a real estate firm with plotting projects, resorts, apartments and commercial real estate developments. Ebani has worked on a bunch of projects over the past decade. The scope of work includes name recommendations to logo identity, brochure, publication ads, billboards, road median display ads, radio ads, leaflets, site branding, videos, TVCs, real estate event branding, signages, ambient branding and more.

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